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Splatoon adds new Hydra Splatling weapon

Nintendo continue to add new weapons to Splatoon, now arming Inklings with the Hydra Splatling.

This will help you “to really pressure your opponents’ turf,” but some players will dislike the long charge time and large ink consumption that will put you at risk when facing anyone on the rival team.

“The Hydra Splatling is a Splatling designed to really pressure your opponents’ turf with a barrage of ink!” Sheldon in Ammo Knights explains. “However, a long charge time and large ink consumption make it a liability at close quarters!

“The Splat Bomb Sub weapon can be used to repel any opponents who get too close. The Echolocator allows you to provide effective rearguard support for a forward offensive.”

Nintendo recently rolled out software update 2.3.0, adding new winter gear for Inklings to keep warm in and the Museum d’Alfonsino stage.

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