Splatoon adds L-3 Nozzlenose and Custom E-litre 3K weapons


Splatoon has this week added L-3 Nozzlenose and Custom E-litre 3K weapons to help splatter your way to inky dominance online.

The L-3 Nozzlenose is a semi-automatic shooter, with Ammo Knights’ Sheldon explaining: “It fires three shots each time you pull the trigger! Its range and accuracy are great, but you can’t keep firing by holding down ZR, so good timing is a must! This set includes Disruptors and the Killer Wail as well, and is well-suited for those who favour efficiency.”

Whereas the Custom E-litre 3K is a charger weapon with a particularly long shot range. Its set includes the Squid Beakon so that your team can quickly launch across the map to its position, and the Kraken for those that like to furiously ripple through ink!

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