Splatoon adds H-3 Nozzlenose D and Luna Blaster Neo


Nintendo has added another two weapons to Splatoon free of charge, equipping Inklings with the H-3 Nozzlenose D and Luna Blaster Neo.

“Love your H-3 Nozzlenose but wish that it had a sweet whale sticker on it? Look no further than the H-3 Nozzlenose D! It comes with a Point Sensor and Inkzooka and also we’re pretty sure that the D stands for ‘Dang! That’s a cool whale sticker!’,” the Squid Research Lab scribes.

As for the Luna Blaster Neo, they write: “This blaster comes with Splat Bombs so we got you a blaster pro-tip: use the Splat Bombs to force your foes closer so that you can hit ‘em with your Luna Blaster Neo.”

Within their second quarter earnings release this week, Nintendo revealed that Splatoon has sold 2.42 million copies worldwide since the Wii U exclusive’s May launch. Nintendo attributed the game to “vitalising the Wii U platform,” with Super Mario Maker similarly performing well.

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