Splatoon 2’s Special Splatoween Splatfest Rewards You With Free In-Game Gear

Splatoon 2 Splatoween Menu Screenshot

Nintendo has announced that a special Splatoween Splatfest will take place in Splatoon 2 this month, asking players to choose between Team Trick or Team Treat.

The Splatoween Splatfest will run for a 48 hour period from 3pm BST on Friday 19th – 3pm BST on Sunday 21st October, which, for those in North America, will also run from 3pm PT on Friday 19th – 3pm PT on Sunday 21st October.

While Inkopolis Square will be decorated with spooky items and the battle stages will be sprayed with Halloween-themed graffiti, you will also have the chance to unlock special in-game gear.

Those that follow the Squid Research Lab Report (Splatoon 2) News Channel on Nintendo Switch News will receive an article on Friday 5th October that will reward you with four different pieces of spooky headgear in the Kyonshi Hat, Li’l Devil Horns, Hockey Mask and Anglerfish Mask.

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Free Splatoon 2 Splatoween Gear Screenshot

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