Splatoon 2 Spring Fest Is A Pastel-Colored Splatfest Between Hare And Tortoise

Splatoon 2 Springfest Logo

Nintendo has announced that a special Spring Fest Splatfest will soon take place in Splatoon 2, for which you will choose your team based on whether you think a hare or tortoise would win in a race.

The Splatoon 2 Spring Fest will run for a 48-hour period from 3pm PDT on Friday 19th – 3pm PDT on Sunday 21st April, with Pearl and Marina to reveal the results soon after it finishes.

Those that follow the Squid Research Lab Report (Splatoon 2) News Channel on Nintendo Switch News will receive an article that will reward you with orange, pink, purple, and green novelty visors, and fresh kicks with custom colors in the Pearl-Scout Lace-Ups, Pearlescent Squidkid IV, Pearl Punk Crowns, New-Day Arrows, Marination Lace-Ups, Rina Squidkid IV, Trooper Power Stripes, and Midnight Slip-Ons.

You will be able to use the voting terminal in Inkopolis Square this weekend to choose your side, an early chance to fill the ability slots in your Splatfest tee before it starts.

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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