Splatoon 2 Inks New Goby Arena Stage

Nintendo has announced that Goby Arena will soon be added as a brand new stage in Splatoon 2, a state-of-the-art stadium complete with a huge overhead monitor, full-size locker room, food court, VIP seating, and a souvenir shop.

The stage is set on a basketball court with a hoop at each end. Whether you are playing Turf Wars or Ranked Battles, bringing the hoops under your control can lend you a strategic advantage in that they will give your team the high ground that you need to push forward.

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Splatoon 2 Goby Arena Screenshot 1

Splatoon 2 Goby Arena Screenshot 4

Splatoon 2 Goby Arena Screenshot 3

Splatoon 2 Goby Arena Screenshot 2

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