Splatoon 2 Adds Ancho-V Games Stage And Four New Weapons

Splatoon 2 Ancho-V Games Screenshot

Nintendo has added a new Ancho-V Games stage and four new weapons to Splatoon 2, that you can choose to buy and ink your turf with.

The new stage is the Ancho-V Games office space, the developer behind the addictive Squid Beatz 2. There have been “a few renovations to this important location,” and, hopefully, using their office as a Turf War battleground won’t impact on the development of their future games.

The four weapons are the Bloblobber, Custom Hydra Splatling, Nautilus 47 and Light Tetra Dualies, which are all now available to buy from Sheldon at Ammo Knights. We’ll let him nerd out over them and explain their loadouts and benefits:

Splatoon 2 Bloblobber Artwork


After the blob law was passed, I created the Bloblobber to lob lawful blob bombs. Read the whole story on my Bloblobber blob law blog!

Ahem… The design was inspired by a bathtub, and each fling of it unleashes four bouncing blobs! The Splash Wall sub provides cover from enemy attacks, and the Ink Storm special allows you to zone enemies and support your team!

This set’s a must for anyone looking to draw attention with bounding, lawful blobs, while also reminding your opponents to take a bath!

Splatoon 2 Custom Hydra Splatling Screenshot

Custom Hydra Splatling

The Custom Hydra Splatling is a splatling cannon packing all the destructive power of the original! Lay a trap for your opponents with the Ink Mine sub weapon, and then find a good spot to lay the splat down with your main’s rapid fire!

The Ink Mines don’t use a lot of ink, so you can place two of them at a time. Use the Ink Armor special to survive attacks long enough to strike back! Recommended for those who value defensive offensiveness!

Splatoon 2 Nautilus 47 Screenshot

Nautilus 47

The Nautilus 47 is the first Splatling that allows you to store your charge while swimming in your ink! That means you can charge the weapon from a hidden position before sneakily swimming within range of unsuspecting enemies!

This baby also has a stabilizer to keep your aim steady while jumping! The Point Sensor sub will help you spot opponents, while the Baller special allows you to push into enemy territory. If you want to catch the enemy off guard, this set’s for you!

Splatoon 2 Light Tetra Dualies Screenshot

Light Tetra Dualies

The Light Tetra Dualies have the same specs as the dark ones, but they come in a set geared toward turf inkage! Toss out a Sprinkler to ink the area around your team while you dodge-roll your way to the front lines!

Once you’re up there, support your allies with the Autobomb Launcher and push the enemy back into their base! This set’s just the thing for those who value mobility but also want to cover the world in ink!

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