Splatoon’s 2.3.0 Update adds New Winter Gear and Museum d’Alfonsino Stage


This week’s Nintendo Direct shared news that Splatoon has received a free software update that has added more than 40 pieces of new gear, with the new wardrobe reflecting the changing seasons.

Nintendo has also added a new stage called Museum d’Alfonsino, wither further stages and features – such as Mahi-Mahi Resort – promised in the run up to January.

“This time, the battlefield is the courtyard of a modern museum, characterised by a number of revolving doors,” the Splatoon Research Lab shares. “Time your jumps well across high platforms to reach the most strategic turf! With a little bit of luck, you can turn each and every painting into a Jackson Pollock and claim victory for your team!”

New Gear
New gear has been added, which will appear in the in-game shop at random.

Ranked Match Results Pages – Adjustments
Changed the display of the results screen in Ranked Battle. Players will be listed in the order of their winning percentages in the last 10 matches for the current mode (Wins – Losses).

Previously, players were listed in the order of the number of enemies they splatted. This adjustment was made since there are other ways to contribute to the team’s victory that cannot be measured in numerical terms.

The winning percentage will not be recorded in Regular Battle, Splatfest, Squad Battle, and Private Battle, so the results page will remain the same.

When the users’ Ranks go up, the winning percentage will be reset.

Battle Adjustments

Fixed the issue in which the blasts from Blaster weapons don’t quite reach the opponent even though the direct hit marker (x) is displayed while taking aim.

Adjusted the amount of damage that rollers inflict when rolling over Splash Shields to match the amount of damage they inflict when rolling over opponents.

Adjustments were made in Tower Control so that Sprinklers placed on the towers break when they hit the ground (The Sprinklers previously only broke if they were placed on the ground and were hit by the towers).

Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

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