Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm Content Update Now Available

Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm Image

Proletariat has announced that the Prologue: The Gathering Storm content update for their free-to-play magic-focused battle royale game Spellbreak is now available.

This introduces new talents, consumables, outfits and Clash Mode, which is a 9-on-9 team deathmatch mode that has respawning.

The additions that this content update has added, are:

  • Clash 9v9 Mode – An intense new team deathmatch mode.
  • Chapter System – Unlock the mysteries of the Hollow Lands—and its rewards—as you’re challenged with weekly quests.
  • Hollowed Eve – Get spooky with new cosmetics!
  • New Talents – Boost your health with Vigor, see the unseen with Foresight, and bring Class skill to your offhand gauntlet with Ambidextrous.
  • New Consumables – Protect yourself and gain additional Rune and Sorcery charges with the Safeguard and Knowledge potions.

With support for cross-platform play and cross-progression, Spellbreak sees you fight to become an all-powerful battlemage, weaving spectacular spell combinations, crafting strategic builds and master your environment to dominate the Hollow Lands.

Whether battling as a solo competitor or teaming up with friends in a non-stop quest for survival, there are six classes to choose from such as the Pyromancer that can cast massive Flamewalls, the storm-riding Tempest who can launch themselves skyward with a Tornado or the Frostborn who can lay a path of ice to skate on.

Spellbreak is now available as a free download on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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