Spectrier And Glastrier Revealed For Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Shadow Rider Calyrex Screenshot

The Pokémon Company International and Game Freak have revealed Spectrier and Glastrier, which those that have played The Crown Tundra will have already encountered in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

When the Legendary Pokémon Calyrex unites with Glastrier or Spectrier using the Reins of Unity, it becomes Ice Rider Calyrex or Shadow Rider Calyrex.


Spectrier Image

Category: Swift Horse Pokémon
Type: Ghost
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 98.1 lbs.
Ability: Grim Neigh

This Pokémon craves silence and solitude and tends to be active at night when its energy is heightened. Its nocturnal habits have left its eyesight weak. But Spectrier’s other four senses are keenly sharpened, and they give it an accurate sense of the terrain and the locations of living things.

Spectrier takes in nourishment by absorbing ambient life-force emitted by other creatures. It has sharp hearing and a love for peace and solitude, so it avoids any involvement with other living creatures. However, Spectrier will attack any trespasser that disturbs its tranquil territory in an effort to drive the intruder off.​

Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex Image

Category: High King Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Ghost
Height: 7’10”
Weight: 118.2 lbs.
Ability: As One

Spectrier’s skills have been heightened by Calyrex’s psychic energy. It is swift enough to run thousands of miles in a single day, and its spectral powers have gained strength.

Moreover, Spectrier’s unearthly might has unlocked the full potential of Calyrex’s psychic power. This lets Calyrex see all events from past to future. The regal Pokémon can manifest this power over a radius of more than 30 miles.

Calyrex can pour its psychic power into Spectrier in order to create countless small will-o’-the-wisps and rain them down on opponents like a meteor shower. It appears anything touched by one of these wisps can have its life-force stolen while also being scorched with burning heat. Moreover, Calyrex can condense Spectrier’s spectral aura into a large, black, mist-like mass. This mass is imbued with the power to absorb life-force, and it sucks in the souls of nearby living things like a black hole.


Glastrier Image

Category: Wild Horse Pokémon
Type: Ice
Height: 7’3″
Weight: 1,763.7 lbs.
Ability: Chilling Neigh

This Pokémon generates intense cold air within its body and emits that cold from its nose and hooves. This cold air covers Glastrier’s face and legs in unyielding ice, giving its attacks extraordinary destructive power. Nimble movements are not Glastrier’s strong suit. But it can use the cold exuded from its hooves to freeze the ground, letting it shoot off sliding across the ice to close distances in a flash during battle.

Glastrier’s might and stamina let it charge through the snowiest of lands and the worst of roads on its thick, burly legs. It’s also belligerent and proud and takes anything it wants by force. It apparently can’t help challenging any strong opponent it sees to battle.

Ice Rider Calyrex

Ice Rider Calyrex Image

Category: High King Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Ice
Height: 7’10”
Weight: 1,783.8 lbs.
Ability: As One

Glastrier’s powers are heightened by Calyrex’s psychic energy. The cold Glastrier emits can reach five hundred degrees below zero. It also has the endurance to run for seven days and nights on end, no matter how rough the road, by instantly freezing and smashing through any obstacles in its path.

Moreover, Glastrier’s intense cold has brought out the full potential of Calyrex’s psychic powers as well. This lets Calyrex manifest its powers over a radius of more than 30 miles.

Calyrex can use its psychic energy to condense the cold emitted by Glastrier into gigantic icicles. It can fire these icicles at opponents like arrows or wield them like lances for charging attacks. These psychically strengthened icicle lances appear powerful enough to blow holes in rocky mountains and pass through them completely.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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