Special Shigeru Miyamoto Mii Pops Up At GAME Nintendo Zones

shigeru miyamoto mii character

If you are passing by a GAME store this month, make sure that you have your Nintendo 3DS with you. To help celebrate that Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS has launched, two special Mii characters will become available to StreetPass at the retailer’s Nintendo Zones.

Between Friday 9th – Monday 26th December 2016, Shigeru Miyamoto has donned his golden trousers
so that you can receive his Mii character. Then, from Tuesday 27th December 2016 – Sunday 15th January 2017, Takashi Tezuka will wear his golden trousers to join in the fun.

When you visit a Nintendo Zone you can receive up to six Mii characters at a time from across Europe, thanks to StreetPass Relay. That makes it the perfect opportunity to exchange Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS courses with other players.

We enjoyed the portable course creator, writing in our review: “Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS continues to delight with wacky and unexpected creations. It falters in not looking to foster an online community of its own but remains the perfect construction kit to live out your Mushroom Kingdom dreams.”

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  1. I went pass GAME and tried the Nintendo Zone and it found this message, yet I don’t fully understand how to get the Miis

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