Special Pokémon TCG Promo Cards Available At GAME

Nintendo Switch Logo

GAME continue to help celebrate 20 years of Pokémon, with four special Pokémon TCG promo cards available exclusively at the specialist retailer over the coming months.

Clefairy (starting 1st August 2016), Ponyta (starting 1st September 2016), Meowth (starting 1st October 2016), and Slowpoke (starting 1st November 2016) can each be collected whenever you buy any Pokémon product, with each card being stamped with the Pokémon 20th anniversary logo.

Fans will also be able to collect special cards that were released earlier in the year, which include Pikachu (March), Tangela (May), Magikarp (June), and Geodude (July), that are all available while stocks last.

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