Space War Arena Update Adds One-On-One Online Multiplayer

Space War Arena Screenshot

Playchemy has released a new software update for Space War Arena on Nintendo Switch, introducing a one-on-one online multiplayer mode.

This is supported with an endless war leaderboard, that, by participating in online matches, will let you see how you rank in the galaxy.

“We’ve wanted to add 1v1 online multiplayer since we first started developing Space War Arena and now, we’re excited to bring that to players,” explains Playchemy CEO Ed Annunziata.

Promising starship combat on a grand scale, Space War Arena is an homage to the original Spacewar! which was released back in 1962.

You can build an armada from 30 different evolving units, adapting to your enemy as you command your fleet to destroy their bases and claim their space.

Space War Arena is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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