Soul Calibur 2 HD will hit Wii U if enough demand’s shown


Absent alongside their announcement for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Namco Bandai have signalled that Soul Calibur 2 HD could be remade for Wii U if enough interest was shown.

Given a channel to voice their interest, the third-party publisher has tasked fans with directing their desire toward series producer Masaki Hoshino. That challenge is so far being fulfilled, with Hoshino’s Twitter timeline filled with pleas and petitions having already been formulated to gather signatures.

Having originally seen release on GameCube, Nintendo granted the developers the opportunity to place Hylian hero Link as a playable character within the esteemed fighting franchise. With the Wii U software library light on the genre, why they haven’t already chosen to capitalise on such fact is beyond me.

[Thanks Games Radar]

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