Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida comments on the Nintendo PlayStation discovery


The Internet was buzzing with excitement last week when a Reddit user shared his discovery of an incredibly rare prototype model of the Nintendo PlayStation, the axed SNES-CD add-on that had been created in collaboration between Sony and Nintendo.

It had been kept by his Dad who had once worked for a company alongside ex-Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson that became bankrupt, with the prototype left “in a box of junk he was supposed to throw out.”

Engadget had the chance to speak to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida at a Project Morpheus event held in Hong Kong recently, seizing the opportunity to ask him about the device.

“When I joined Ken Kutaragi’s team [in 1993], there was a system called ‘Play Station’ that had both Super Nintendo cartridge support and some disc game support. Actually, I played some games [on it] as well.”

Yoshida wouldn’t confirm whether the prototype model was indeed real, adding: “Somehow, I think it’s more fun to keep it kind of a mystery. And it’s a long time ago, so my memory… [laughs]”

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  1. I’m questioning how to interpret this, due to shuhei yoshida, not being definitive. He left this prototype an enigma, so I’m just going to assume the prototype is real.

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