Sony mock Nintendo ahead of PlayStation Meeting this week


Sony have taken a shot at Nintendo, ahead of their expected PlayStation 4 reveal this week.

In continuing to broaden consumer knowledge of their PlayStation Meeting, due to be held on Wednesday 20th February, Sony are rolling out extensive advertising.

Their latest advertisement remarks “‘Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game.’ Step Up To PlayStation 2/20,” squarely aimed at Nintendo’s reliance of the portly Italian plumber to push their hardware.

You can see the advert as it appears below:


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  1. As per usual, classy from sony. I’d be pretty jealous too if my handheld and console flopped while the competition were leaps and bounds ahead. And at least we’re getting another Mario game, where’s all the psvita games? What’s a psvita you ask? Exactly.
    I’m surprised they’d use attack strategies as marketing, especially with the dismal failure of the launches of ps3, psvita and psp’s was underwhelming too. Surely you’d want to build up hype with another flashy video

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