Sonic creator’s upcoming Wii/ 3DS project revealed

yuji naka

Popular Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has revealed the first details regarding an upcoming project for both Wii and 3DS from Sonic creator Yuji Naka.

Now known to be titled ‘Tenku no Kishi: Rodea,’ the game is currently being developed by his Prope studio and is set to be an aerial shooter that seemingly marks Naka’s return to a formula that proved so popular with SEGA Saturn cult classic ‘NiGHTS into dreams.’

Hitoshi Hasegawa, a producer at Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games, commented that he “wanted a game that captured the wonder of flying through the air, the sort of thing everyone’s dreamed about at least once in their lives,” discussing that “the idiosyncracies of player and camera control have always been a problem with that, but with his unique perspective and experience, Naka has been able to find a solution for us.”

The story for the title is being penned by Takumi Miyajima, whose previous works include both Tales of the Abyss and Arc Rise Fantasia.

“The developers wanted a story that both kids and adults can identify with, and so I wanted to emphasize the bonds and other feelings that people have for those they encounter in their lives,” Miyajima commented. “Seeing how Rodea, this mechanical creation with a very pure emotional outlook on the world, interacts with the other people in his world is something I think players will really enjoy.”

There was no information regarding a release date for either platform.


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