Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed bound for Nintendo 3DS

sonic all stars racing transformed

SEGA will bring the newly announced Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed to Nintendo 3DS, it has been confirmed.

Characters now have their own unique vehicles capable of transforming between cars, planes and boats, as Sonic and the cast of SEGA All-Stars compete across land, air and water.

New SEGA icons will also be introduced as playable characters, such as Gilius Thunderhead (Golden Axe) and Vyse (Skies of Arcadia), as you race around dynamic environments and tracks inspired by the publisher’s illustrious gaming history.

These will include Super Monkey Ball’s Temple Trouble where you will speed down rivers and rapids, and Dragon Canyon, a Panzer Dragoon inspired track, that sees you take to the skies as you barrel roll out of the way of incoming obstacles.

A new mechanic is also introduced, in which racing in a daring or stylish manner will see your All-Star bar fill faster, with the weapon system having also been further balanced.

“Given the fantastic feedback we received from critics and consumers alike for the first game we really wanted to push the boundaries on our follow up game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed,” commented David Corless, Global Sonic Brand Director.

“The transforming vehicles allow us to do this – as well as drifting your car around the corners of a track, you get to fly your plane and pilot your boat against others all within one race. Add to this a grid full of star characters, retro IP, fun, fast race modes and cool tracks and racing fans of all ages are sure to love this one!”

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