Songbird Symphony Demo Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Songbird Symphony Key Art

PQube and Joysteak Studios have revealed that a demo for Songbird Symphony is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This musical adventure tells the heartfelt story of Birb, a small orphaned bird who one day wakes up alone in a strange forest but is soon looked after by the hyperactive but caring Uncle Peacock.

But, as with The Ugly Duckling, the other birds reject Birb because he looks different to them. Therefore, he decides to set out on a quest to learn more about his true heritage – following every lead that he can find.

That will soon see you meet the wise owl or mischievous troublemakers, with each encounter challenging you to earn their respect in rhythm battles.

The more creatures that you help, the more musical elements are added to the background until you unlock the perfect symphony. For example, helping a friendly bee will see spiders move up and down their web strings to create a new melody.

Other than that you must connect moving platforms, doors, and other elements with rhythmic inputs, listening to the rhythm to press buttons at the right time to fly through each level.

Songbird Symphony will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 25th.

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