Solve Culinary Conundrums In Automachef On Nintendo Switch This Summer

Automachef Screenshot

Team17 and Hermes Interactive have announced that Automachef will release on Nintendo Switch, a puzzler in which you are faced with increasingly challenging culinary conundrums.

You must overcome spatial, energy and design challenges to create fully-automated kitchens that can produce a variety of dishes.

Each of these is a puzzle, tasking you with monitoring energy and ingredient consumption as well as fire and infestation risks.

That will see you plan, position and programme multiple machines that can slice, cook, assemble and, eventually, serve delicious meals. And, thankfully, fellow human Robert Person will help guide you.

You can choose to take on the campaign, build a business in Contracts Mode, or play without restriction in Test Site Mode, in which you must create every recipe as required.

Automachef will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2019.

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