Solve A Dark Mystery In Nairi: Tower Of Shirin On Nintendo Switch

Nairi: Tower of Shirin Artwork

HomeBearStudio has announced that Nairi: Tower of Shirin will release on Nintendo Switch, a point-and-click adventure puzzler.

Nairi is a troubled upper-class girl from the rich district of Shirin, the oasis city where the game takes place. When a sudden incident forces her to abandon her sheltered life, Nairi ends up in the city’s lower district which is ruled by gangs. Teaming up with Rex, a gangster-turned-scholar, they uncover a dark mystery that surrounds the mysterious tower that overlooks the city.

“Nairi meets a gangster-turned-scholar rat, who will help her on her quest to find her way back home,” explains HomeBearStudio founder Joshua van Kuilenburg. “The poor district is plagued by The White Mask, a criminal who seemingly brainwashes people. And then there’s a conflict which goes way beyond Nairi’s initial plight of simply returning home. There’s an ominous mystery surrounding the titular Tower of Shirin.

“We were going for a unique setting and art style, inspired not just by Japanese anime but also the likes of Disney and Pixar. The game comes across as endearing, rather than ‘childishly cute’.”

Nairi: Tower of Shirin will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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