Solo: Islands Of The Heart Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month

Solo: Islands Of The Heart Logo

Merge Games and Team Gotham have revealed that Solo: Islands of the Heart will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

This introspective puzzle game is about love – a universal feeling and force that drives our existence but something that we experience in different ways.

The world in Solo: Islands of the Heart is divided into archipelagos, with each island representing a unique puzzle.

Once a puzzle is solved, you will reach a Sleeping Totem that asks you to answer a question about love and relationships.

And, as with love, most puzzles won’t have a single solution. You must use boxes with different properties and behaviors to create paths to reach the Sleeping Totems on the islands.

There’s also room for contemplation and reflection, whether that be taking photos with your camera, playing the guitar, feeding the animals, or sitting on a bench as a rest.

Solo: Islands of the Heart will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 1st priced at $19.99.

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