Solatorobo: Red the Hunter receives further DLC

Solatorobo Red The Hunter

Nintendo of Europe have detailed the latest downloadable content to be made available for recent Nintendo DS release, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

A further four quests will now be made available, that will see central character Red take on some exciting adventures across the Shepherd Republic.

* Quest 5: available 12.08.11
Air GP Pharaoh Cup: Your chance to participate in the famous Grand Prix at Pharaoh

* Quest 6: available 19.08.11
Futzu Tower Data: Venture into the Futzu Tower to collect research data

* Quest 7: available 26.08.11
Prairie Kingdom Cup: Loosen up and compete in a very special duel tournament

* Quest 8: available 02.09.11
A New Simulation: Test out a special simulation and learn more about another character’s real feelings

In order to download the extra quests through the use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, follow these instructions:

1) Select “Quest Download” from the main menu.
2) Tap “Nintendo WFC Setup” and enter all the details required to access your wireless Internet connection. (These settings will be saved for the future so you won’t have to do this step again for this connection!)
3) Next, select ‘Download’ from the menu.
4) Once the connection is completed you’ll find new assignments in-game at the Quest Brokers around the Shepherd Republic.
5) Don’t forget to check back regularly as new quests become available.

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