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Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together was a delightfully charming puzzler that struck a wonderful balance between teamwork and chaos with its gameplay. While the Nintendo Switch library is growing by the day, it still manages to stand out with its one of a kind puzzling experience. It did, however, suffer in one key area though – it was over far too early. Fast forward to present day and developer SFB Games have delivered some unexpected downloadable content titled Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together. Promising new worlds, puzzles and modes, is this add-on worth returning to the colourful world of shapes?

For those new to the game, Snipperclips Plus involves two 2D characters working together in order to solve a series of puzzles. While you are able to move and jump around the stage itself, the key to victory is in snipping each other into different shapes and sizes that suit the current situation. For example, carrying a basketball into a hoop is made all the more easier by shearing your pal into a scoop shape in order to cup and carry the ball.


This expansion adds thirty extra stages to the previous forty-five taking place in two new worlds each with their own unique visual and (still rather irritating) audio style. The puzzles should be familiar to anyone who already played the original falling into one of two groups – either cutting yourselves into the right shapes to fill a template accurately or completing specific tasks. Just like before the latter is the more creative and fun. Standouts in the add-on include aiming and firing a cannon at hanging targets or shaping the characters so that six balls falling from above land in the right coloured slots all at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s just because I haven’t played the game since its launch back in March but the extra puzzles feel tougher many taking my wife and I upwards of ten to fifteen minutes.

The DLC also includes the ability to return to past stages and tackle them with Snip and Clip taking on randomly assigned shapes as opposed to the usual rounded and square-ended rectangle. It’s a cool addition and one that adds some extra difficulty to previously mastered puzzles.

Just as was the case before you’re still able to play all these stages on your own or with a teammate although the latter is definitely recommended. While the experience is certainly playable controlling two characters yourself, the sense of teamwork and camaraderie is sorely missing making for a less enjoyable time.


Six of the main stages have also been added to Party mode where things become even more complicated. Whether you’re playing with four individuals each with their own character or two controlling a pair each, these are easily some of the tougher puzzles in Snipperclips Plus.

Blitz mode, too, receives three extra competitive modes in the form of Territory, Keepaway and Roundup. The first quickly reduces to a mere spam fest with the aim of the game being to stamp as much of the screen as possible with your colour – hardly inspiring stuff. Keepaway is a neat addition though that sees the pair of you trying to keep a ball balanced on your head while squirts of water shoot past to try and knock it off. Drop three balls and you lose. Roundup meanwhile has you catching bugs. Of course, the game’s snipping mechanic is in full effect here making matches often cutthroat.

The final new addition in Snipperclips Plus is a mode that allows you to cut and snip the characters into shapes in order to stamp and produce your own works of art. It’s rather simple but with enough practice, I imagine we’ll soon start seeing some truly impressive masterpieces created.


Does the content justify the price this time around? While it’s certainly great that Snipperclips Plus gives us more papery puzzles to solve, the price of entry does feel a tad high especially when you consider that the original package sets you back double that. Still, the quality of what you’re getting is for the most part excellent making the extra cost a little easier to swallow.

Snipperclips Plus is a neat little expansion that bulks out its original package with some much-needed content. While I might argue the price is a little on the high side, the thirty plus stages and modes offer enough reason to join Snip and Clip once again for some shape based puzzle solving.

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