snakebyte Reveals Wireless Game:Pad S Pro For Nintendo Switch


snakebyte group has revealed the Wireless Game:Pad S Pro for the Nintendo Switch, a professional grade controller that becomes the first third-party alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The controller has been designed to connect wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch with the same Bluetooth technology as the Joy-Con, and, in the peripheral manufacturer’s words, “offers the precision control of an authentic console game pad, without sacrificing the ease of connectivity and low-latency” that players have come to enjoy.

There are other aspects that they are keen to point out, such as the high-quality analog thumbsticks, digital d-pad, dual-vibration motors that deliver enhanced haptic feedback, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and a user-assigned turbo function.

There’s also talk about an integrated Capture Button, although, unless I have missed it, I can’t see it on the early product shots.

“After its impressive start at retail, Nintendo Switch has continued to capture the imagination of gamers worldwide and snakebyte are excited to deliver a truly authentic console game pad for those serious about gaming performance,” enthuses snakebyte USA CEO Nick Repenning.

“snakebyte enjoyed a successful launch for the Switch thanks to being first to market with a range of quality peripherals for the console and we’re excited to build upon this success with the Wireless Game:Pad S Pro, one of the first Bluetooth controllers to launch, and a product that we believe enhances the Switch experience.”

snakebyte will also release a wired version of the controller, for those less bothered about a wireless connection.

The Wireless Game:Pad S Pro for the Nintendo Switch will become available worldwide later this year.



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  1. how do you connect this controller to the nintendo switch? We tried going into the Change Grip and Order section and on the instructions it said to hold the home button and Y and you should see the LED lights flashing. It did flash. After that it said you should see it come up or connect on the game pad but it didnt. we tried with our joycon controller and all we had to do was press L + R. we also tried doing that with our Game pad s pro. Do you have any sollutions?

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