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Snake Pass News Slithers Into View

Sumo Digital has started the year by teasing incoming news related to their slithery 3D puzzle platformer, Snake Pass. “*yawn* We sssaid sssome things were happening in early 2018 – guess ...


Snake Pass Review

Ever since I first saw Noodle’s wide-eyed smile, I knew that Sumo Digital was slithering toward something truly special with Snake Pass. The slippery reptile, with his hummingbird companion Dood...

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Snake Pass Update Rattles HD Rumble Once Again

Snake Pass on Nintendo Switch welcomed time trials and online leaderboards, after Sumo Digital released an update for their slithery puzzle platformer. After resolving a similar issue around release, ...


Snake Pass Update 1.2.0 Introduces Time Trials And Online Leaderboards On Nintendo Switch

Sumo Digital has released a new software update for their slithery physics platformer, Snake Pass. This introduces time trials and online leaderboards on Nintendo Switch, letting you battle it out aga...


Snake Pass DLC Under Consideration

Sumo Digital has celebrated success with Snake Pass, after the physics-based, puzzle-platform adventure quickly became the best-selling game on the Nintendo eShop in the United Kingdom, France, Italy,...


Snake Pass Constricts March Release Date

Sumo Digital has confirmed that their slithery physics platformer Snake Pass will release on Nintendo Switch in March. The retro-inspired collectathon platformer will see players slither, curl and cli...


Watch Sumo Digital Play Snake Pass On Nintendo Switch

Sumo Digital returned to Twitch for their weekly Snake Pass Ssstream Thursdaysss, in which designer David Dino and programmer Brendan Burns talked about developing Snake Pass across multiple platforms...


Snake Pass Slithers Toward Nintendo Switch Release

Sumo Digital has announced that Snake Pass is slithering toward Nintendo Switch, challenging players around the world to think like a snake. As Noodle the Snake players will slither, coil and climb ac...

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