Snake Pass Physical Release Slithers In Thanks To Super Rare Games

Snake Pass Screenshot

Sumo Digital has teamed up with Super Rare Games to produce a limited edition physical release for Snake Pass on Nintendo Switch.

That will see their slippery physics-based puzzle-platform adventure unshackle from the Nintendo eShop, to instead be placed on a game card in a boxed copy.

While more news is promised to be shared soon we thoroughly enjoyed slithering around in the game, concluding in our Snake Pass review:

“As it stands, the unique serpentine physics in Snake Pass makes it stand out from the crowd, and that should be applauded. Gratifying when it all comes together, it regularly treads some nail-biting moments that only add to what amounts to an enjoyable experience that will leave you as wide-eyed as the game’s slippery protagonist.”

Snake Pass is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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