Smile For Me Out On Switch Next Month

Smile For Me Logo

Serenity Forge and LimboLane have confirmed a release date for Smile For Me, which is coming to Nintendo Switch next month.

In this offbeat point-and-click adventure, your character doesn’t utter a single word – meaning that you will instead choose to nod and shake your head through different situations.

Making friends with a heartbroken clown, wayward souls and juicy mechanical lips, you must help the troubled residents of the Habitat in an effort to de-mask the mysterious Doctor Habit as the “Big Event” draws near.

Compared to the original Steam release, the game comes to the portable home console with a remastered soundtrack, controller support, motion controls, easter eggs, UI updates and new languages.

“We’re thrilled that console audiences can experience the weird (chewy?) story of the Habitat,” enthuses LimboLane Games. “Smile For Me is a uniquely bizarre adventure game, and an excellent reason to kiss your game console right on the screen. We should clarify. This isn’t a game mechanic. Just a nice thing to do.”

Smile For Me will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 24th April 2023.

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