Slime-san Evades Stomach Acid On Nintendo Switch


Fabraz will soon release Slime-san on Nintendo Switch, players tasked with helping the gooey character jump, slide and slime his way to escape a giant worm that unexpectedly gobbled him up.

With the worm’s mouth the only exit point, that will see you leap around its intestines while avoiding being digested by the creature’s stomach acid.

There’s no time to stay still as the acid continually chases you, meaning that this is a fast-paced and, potentially, maddening experience.

As a slime, you can slip through cracked walls and surfaces with a speedy dash move letting you break brittle obstacles that will cross your path as you work through 100 levels constructed from 400 rooms.

With apples to collect, competitive multiplayer arcade games to unlock, and a town of survivors that dwells inside the worm, there’s plenty to keep you occupied – as well as extra game modes such as New Game+, Speed Running and Boss Rush.

Slime-san will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q3 2017.

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