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Skylanders franchise has sold more than 250 million toys

Activision were the creative spark behind the toys-to-life category, and continue to see remarkable success with their Skylanders franchise. Nestled in with their Skylanders SuperChargers announcement...

Skylanders Trap Team toys invade McDonald’s Happy Meals

We’d rather enjoyed Skylanders Trap Team last year, and Activision certainly haven’t stopped promoting their toys-to-life adventure in the wake of increased competition from Disney Infinit...

Light and Dark elements introduced to Skylanders Trap Team

Light and Dark elements will shortly be introduced the world of Skylands, Activision have revealed today – special Skylanders Trap Team expansion packs arriving at retail from this weekend. That heral...

Skylanders Trap Team Review

We’ve come a long way since Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. Activision had dared to dream big, birthing the “toys-to-life” moniker and succeeded in capturing the minds of youngst...

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Pain-Yatta takes the spotlight in new Skylanders Trap Team video

Let Activision introduce you to the somewhat adorable, and yet villainous, Pain-Yatta… He appears as one of 40 trappable villains in Skylanders Trap Team, the vibrantly coloured piñata, once cap...


Wallop and Chopper unboxed in new Skylanders Trap Team video

Skylanders Production’s “Zoo” Lou Studdert returns, this time tearing off the wrapping for the Fire Trap, Magic Trap, Shroomboom (Series 2), Chopper, and striking new Trap Master, Wa...


Skylanders Trap Team’s launch celebrated with freefall stunt

They may be hilariously pranking children with a demo kiosk in North America, but Activision have now celebrated Skylanders Trap Team launching across Europe this week by taking to the sky. Freefallin...


Activision prank children with Skylanders Trap Team demo kiosk

Hiding a real-life villain inside a Skylanders Trap Team demo kiosk is the smart marketing move that Activision have recently conjured up. Players can capture villains inside a Crystal Trap in the new...


Skylanders Trap Team Standard and Dark Edition unboxing

Skylanders Trap Team is slamming into retailers across the globe this week, and if you’re still wondering what awaits inside the Standard and Dark Edition Starter Pack Activision have you covere...

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