Skylanders Trap Team toys invade McDonald’s Happy Meals

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We’d rather enjoyed Skylanders Trap Team last year, and Activision certainly haven’t stopped promoting their toys-to-life adventure in the wake of increased competition from Disney Infinity and amiibo.

Their latest promotion stateside sees Skylanders Trap Team toys appear in McDonald’s Happy Meal, which, while not compatible with the existing Skylanders games, can be used to unlock mini games in McDonald’s own McPlay application.

Asked as to whether they would ever see release outside the UK, Activision shared that they “are currently only available in the US.” This at least suggests an intention to take the promotion worldwide, presumably in helping to gear up to announce this year’s Skylanders release.

The toys that will be available are a mixture of Trap Masters, Villains and other Skylanders, namely being Food Fight, Painyatta, Snap Shot, Wallop, Wildfire, and Wolfgang.

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