Skylanders SuperChargers Racing drifts to Wii and Nintendo 3DS

Vicarious Visions take to the skies with Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii U later this year, which, upon announcement, saw Activision share that developer Beenox were to deliver “a different, unique adventure” for Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

We now know that adventure to be called Skylanders SuperChargers Racing, revealed in a pack shot released to coincide with E3 for the Wii version. However, beyond that we know little else about what lies in store.

As a reminder, purchasing the Wii and Nintendo 3DS versions are the only way that you will be able to collect the Hammer Slam Bowser amiibo and Clown Cruiser vehicle. Whereas the Wii U version has the Turbo Charge Donkey Kong amiibo and the Barrel Blaster vehicle.

Skylanders SuperChargers will release for Wii U, Wii and Nintendo 3DS in North America on September 20th, and in Europe on September 25th.


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