Sky Fleet Takes Flight On Nintendo Switch Next Year

Sky Fleet Logo

Freedom Games and Enno Games have revealed that their sky-high tower defence co-op shooter Sky Fleet is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You will be challenged to build a ruthless squad of blimps, with which you can engage in fast-paced shootouts while circling floating islands and deadly drones.

To succeed, you must outpace the defences of rival aerial bases and claim resources from the islands to refuel and expand your fleet. You will need to be careful to craft your own stronghold that is built to last, before setting out to broaden your territory.

Whether playing alone or teaming up with friends online or in local co-op, you will come to rely on farms to help sustain your resources, ammo factories to restock your weaponry and turrets to protect your city from the threat of kill-seeking drones.

You will want to mine base-reinforcing resources like Uridium and Duraphyte to upgrade your fleet and improve your defences, ensuring that you can become an unstoppable force that can repel those that challenge you.

“Sky Fleet takes solid classic tower defence strategy with friends into the clouds,” explains Enno Games founder Dan Phillips. “Adapt and experience the co-op mode with anyone in the world who thinks they can outplay you. Suit up and make your buddy put his airship where their mouth is!”

Sky Fleet will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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