Sky: Children Of The Light Switch Release Delayed Into 2021

Sky: Children of the Light Screenshot

thatgamecompany has confirmed that Sky: Children of the Light‘s release on Nintendo Switch has been delayed into 2021.

“As a small indie studio, it’s been challenging to pull off so many releases back to back. Due to the remote slowdown during COVID and our utmost priority to protect our team’s health, we’re pushing Sky on Nintendo Switch back by a few months into 2021,” the developer confirmed on Twitter.

“Through the pandemic, we’ve done our best to release Sky on Android, manage a live game, and launch two new adventure seasons. We’ve been excited to finally bring this game to console as much as you have, and thank fans for their patience while we work on its release.”

This ground-breaking social adventure will let you soar around the enchanting world of Sky. You arrive as the Children of the Light and must spread hope through the desolate kingdom so that you can return fallen Stars to their constellations.

There are seven dreamlike realms to explore, in which you will encounter and socialise with other like-minded players from around the world – teaming up to adventure into darker realms to save spirits and uncover ancient treasures.

Sky: Children of the Light will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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