Skrelp, Clauncher and Talonflame join Pokémon X and Y


If Noivern and Vivillon weren’t enough to excite you, three further additions to Pokémon X and Y have been announced – Talonflame, Clauncher and Skrelp.

Talonflame, a Fire and Flying-type, is an evolved form of the previously announced Fletchling. It reaches speeds of up to 310 mph when diving for prey, unleashing kicks whilst embers spew from its body as it zips through the sky. Talonflame knows Brave Bird, one of the strongest Fighting-type moves, although it also damages its user.

Next is Clauncher, a Water-type, that uses an oversized claw to seize prey and shoot condensed water as a projectile – powerful enough to crack a boulder. It has the move Crabhammer, which is more likely to land a critical hit on an opponent.

Skrelp is the last to be revealed, a Poison and Water-type that looks like a rotting piece of kelp. It may pretend to be seaweed, but once prey wander past it poisons them so they can’t struggle as it makes its attack. Skrelp has access to Poison-type move Sludge Bomb, that can poison an enemy Pokémon.

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