Skies Of Fury DX Takes Flight On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Skies of Fury DX Artwork

Illumination Games and Seed Interactive have announced that Skies of Fury DX will release on Nintendo Switch next week, an action-packed flying game that will let you experience the historical Bloody April, 1917, as both British and German pilots.

You can choose to either dogfight your way through the single-player campaign or to challenge your friends to take to the skies in a split-screen multiplayer battle.

There are 10 World War I era planes based on British and German designs, that can be flown in six hand-painted environments in which you can fly in formation with your wingmen, perform daring aerial manoeuvres, and retrieve power-ups to unleash fury on your enemies.

“Skies of Fury DX is the culmination of three years of work on aviation air combat games,” explains Illumination Games CTO and co-founder Dan Stopnicki. “We’ve explored what it takes to make the complex space of aerial combat a fun and engaging experience. We’ve used three key design elements to create the dynamic combat space of Skies of Fury DX.

“Firstly, are the use of clouds as gameplay elements which have allowed us to level design within a 3D, aerial environment, blending a stealth and cover mechanic into a flight game. Secondly, we’ve integrated dynamic targeting cameras which are designed to give users instant access to situation awareness without the need for clumsy radars and HUDs. And finally, the use of formation flight and wingmen to amplify the game’s intensity and use of friendly AI.”

Skies of Fury DX will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on April 12th.

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