Skater XL Nintendo Switch Release Date Delayed

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Update: Easy Day Studios has confirmed that Skater XL will not see release on Nintendo Switch until 2021.

Original Story: Easy Day Studios has confirmed that Skater XL‘s release on Nintendo Switch has suffered a delay, and will no longer hit the portable home console on 7th July 2020.

“We just wanted to let you know that 1.0 will be launching on July 28, a few weeks later than the original date,” the developer explained on Twitter.

“Despite our best efforts, and due in part to things out of our control, we will be moving the physical and digital launch of Skater XL 1.0 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to July 28th. We will also be announcing a new launch date for Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to finalize the game.

“Not to worry – between now and July 28th, we will be showing more unreleased content and features that will be available at launch of 1.0, continuing to polish the content and features, and make Skater XL the game that you all deserve at launch. We appreciate your understanding and want to thank you for all your support!”

With physics-based board control and sandbox-style gameplay, the developer has used detailed motion-capture and built a custom animation system that composes real-time animations on the fly.

The board and character are under your control moment-to-moment, meaning that no two tricks or lines are ever alike.

You will be able to fully customize your character with a variety of gear, clothing, and accessories, whereas a community-created Replay Editor will let you capture, relive, and share your best moments.

Skater XL will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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  1. RIGHT?!? Got 2 weeks left of 2020. Been checking on this every week since the summer and haven’t seen a SINGLE update or release date…

    1. Yeah I’m basically retired from buying new consoles. I bought a Xbox 360 in 2006 and finally upgraded to a Switch in 2020. I’ll just keep playing the Skate trilogy on my Xbox 360. Heard they are more fun than Skater XL anyways. RIP Skater XL on Switch

  2. Where Is The Switch Release ? I’ve Been Waiting On Switch Version Since It Was Announced. I Have Xbox 1 , But I Desperately Need The Switch Version Lol , Please ! Drop The Switch Port !

  3. xL Is By Far Best Skate Game As Far As Physics And Realism , I Just Need The Switch Drop !!!!

  4. So lame that neither Nintendo or Easy Day Studios made an accouncement that Skater XL was cancelled for the Switch. Much like Steep. Extremely Disappointed. Hoping for Shredders but I doubt it…

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