SkateBIRD Release Date Delayed Into September

SkateBIRD Logo

Glass Bottom Games has confirmed the release date for SkateBIRD has been pushed back into September, a difficult decision that reflects the developer’s “commitment to simultaneously shipping the game across all platforms.”

“This wasn’t an easy decision. But SkateBIRD was always a game about doing your best, and we owe it to our backers, fans, and fellow bird enthusiasts to ship the game in its best state,” explains Glass Bottom Games founder Megan Fox.

“As a small indie studio, completing certification on multiple platforms requires plenty of extra work. Launching on Sept. 16, 2021 lets us ramp up our efforts to ensure SkateBIRD comes to PC and consoles on the same day!”

With the chance to explore bird-sized parks, in SkateBIRD you will be challenged to grind on bendy straws and kick-flip over staplers – carving killer lines through parks built with cardboard and held together with sticky tape.

These skateboarding birds always try their best, and, along with an “original low-fi birb-hop soundtrack,” you will find fancy clothing, secret mixtapes of new music, and other birds that need your help.

The game’s post-launch support will include the Pet The Bird Mode’ and Skate Heaven stage, while at launch you can expect “a range of updates and polish” such as mission objective refinements, UI and sound improvements, a camera overhaul, and more.

SkateBIRD will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 16th September 2021.

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