Sinister Fishing Adventure Dredge Coming To Nintendo Switch

Dredge Logo

Black Salt Games have announced that their “fishing adventure with a sinister undercurrent” Dredge is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in a Lovecraft-inspired world, this is pitched as a game that is “filled with fishing, friends, and foreboding seas that may appear calm, but they’re actually far from it.”

After taking up fishing at your new home in The Marrows islands, strange things start to occur. You must outfit your vessel to reach the far-flung islands, meeting the peculiar inhabitants that occupy both land and water on your travels.

With a core gameplay loop that will see you collect and sell resources, upgrade your equipment and abilities, and continue to explore. Your goal will be to help the island dwellers that you encounter, some asking you to complete simple tasks while others will offer to pay big if you’re willing to retrieve more relics from the ocean floor.

As to what they do with these relics is unclear, but you may want to consider whether earning the extra cash to upgrade your sea vessel is worth bringing about the end of the world…

In the daytime, the seas can be a quiet oasis with more than enough opportunities for you to profit. However, once the sun goes down the waters that surround The Marrows will become less inviting – dangers approaching you from deep below, above your head or within your own mind.

Dredge will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in the first part of 2022.

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