Shovel Knight amiibo Suffers Repeated Delays In UK


Expected to release across Europe on December 11th, those in the UK that have pre-ordered the Shovel Knight amiibo will have been notified of repeated delays to when it will arrive at retailers.

Amazon UK first notified customers that the estimated delivery date would be December 15th, before being successively pushed back to a point where it is now expected to arrive on January 8th.

Yacht Club Games have already explained that the amiibo was regrettably struggling to dig its way out of customs, which probably isn’t being helped by the increased deliveries surrounding Christmas.

“Sorry for the amiibo release date delay,” Yacht Club Games shared last week. “Latest we know, the little guy is trying to make his way out of customs!

“Once we get official clearance, we’ll shout it to everyone! Unfortunately, we have little information on what the hold up is or when the amiibo will be released. We apologise for the mishandled dates, and we hope to get it in everyone’s hands soon!”

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