Shots Fired Assassinates Nintendo Switch In Q1 2018


Revenge. Family. TV. Another Indie has announced that Shots Fired will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

The assassination simulator from developer Chryse will trace an intricate but humorous tale of a retired assassin that returns to their killing career after the murder of their wife, kidnapping of their daughter, and theft of their beloved TV.

Players will use their cell phone to engage in everything from assassination to high-speed getaways using apps that have been modelled after real world favourites.

Maintaining your cover as a FuzzBeed photojournalist you must take pictures of the “dankest” memes while investigating a conspiracy around recent events, exploring Flat Earth – a world where you can drive anywhere and selfies have been banned.

With hide-and-seek gameplay, you must use clues to uncover and then execute your targets, with mini-games distracting you with car chases, scavenger hunts, hacking, and more.

“Shots Fired is a unique fusion of classic adventure, modern indie, and visual novel that’s totally unlike anything I’ve played before,” Another Indie CEO Adria Carrasco enthused. “It’s the weird sense of humour and incredible artwork that drew us in and the gameplay that got us hooked on this weird and wonderful adventure.”

Shots Fired will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018.

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