Shmup Sisters Royale Hits Nintendo Switch On January 30th

Sisters Royale Logo

Chorus Worldwide and Alfa System have announced that Sisters Royale will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

This vertical-scrolling shoot ’em up takes inspiration from the anime aesthetic of 2001’s Castle of Shikigami, and sees five sisters with magical powers race to capture the heart of Yashin, an angel.

You will be able to deploy power boost mechanics to gain higher scores by taking risks, with different levels of difficulties and an online global leaderboard to compete on.

“We’re super excited to be working with Alfa System to bring Sisters Royale to a global audience,” explains Chorus Worldwide founder Shintaro Kanaoya.

“The original Castle of Shikigami series is a beloved classic of the genre and having Alfa System come back to make a modern spiritual successor is thrilling.

With its tongue-in-cheek storyline, gameplay and production values from a team at the height of their 30 years in the industry, we think Sisters Royale will appeal to shmup fans of all levels, as well manga and anime lovers around the world.”

Alfa System producer Naoki Suda adds: “After receiving many calls for a sequel, we are happy to introduce a brand new game that retains some key elements from Castle of Shikigami series.

“In Sisters Royale the players will find the same ‘high risk, high return’ game mechanics that they enjoyed in the series, with additional obstacles that redefine the game, including ‘slippery ice floors’ and ‘wind blowing windmill.'”

Sisters Royale will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on January 30th.

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