“Shmup Breaker” Sky Racket Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Sky Racket Logo

Double Dash Studios has revealed that Sky Racket is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This is positioned as “the world’s first Shmup Breaker,” with the developer having looked to combine the shoot ’em up and block breaker genres.

Chosen as guardians by the Capybara Goddess to save the galaxy, you play as either RacketBoy or RacketGirl as you seek to defeat the destructive tyrant genius Korrg.

To succeed, you must dodge and dive through whimsical worlds while using a laser tennis racket to strike enemy bullets back at them to turn the battlefield into “an explosive space tennis battle.”

You can team up with a friend in co-op multiplayer, and there’s a chance to befriend little buddies to aid you in your efforts.

Sky Racket is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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