Shinya Takahashi Reflects On One Year With Nintendo Switch

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It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s still hard to believe that it has been one year since the Nintendo Switch took the world by storm.

In celebrating the portable home console turning one, Shinya Takahashi has reflected on the past year in discussing what interesting ways he has seen people play Nintendo Switch, his thoughts on its sales performance, and what potential the Joy-Con have.

What is the most unexpected way or place you’ve seen people playing the Nintendo Switch since launch?

“We’ve certainly seen a lot of people who have been playing Nintendo Switch by separating the Joy-Con and then relaxing their shoulders to let their arms fall into different positions. However, I think the most comfortable and relaxing playstyle I’ve seen is when people set the screen on its side and play while lying in bed.”

What do you think of sales so far for the Nintendo Switch?

“We are really happy to see everyone around the world playing and enjoying Nintendo Switch. When we first set out, our ideal situation was to see one per household, but we’re starting to think that one Nintendo Switch per person might be possible. And since the population of the world is 7 billion, I guess we’ve got our work cut out for us [laughs].”

What unique potential do you think the Joy-Con has for future games?

“The most basic playstyle for Nintendo Switch is to hold one Joy-Con in each hand, but we’re always thinking of new ways to play. One of the most enjoyable things about Nintendo Switch is that users can think about what playstyle best matches their own lifestyles. As developers, we are really looking forward to seeing what playstyles users come up with.”

What’s your favourite Kart?

“Since the game itself is called Mario Kart, I’m going to have to go with the default starter: the classic Mario Kart. But if we’re talking about which title in the series is my favourite, that would be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because the Nintendo Switch allows you to play anywhere.”

How do you plan on celebrating the anniversary of the launch of Nintendo Switch?

“I’d like to have a party where everyone plays 1-2-Switch. Of course, I’ll be playing too!”

So at this party, which 1-2-Switch game will you be the worst at?

“I think the one game I would be the most concerned about is Ball Count. It’s the game I like the most, but it’s also the game I’m the worst at.”

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