Shiny Xerneas And Yveltal Will Be Distributed At Gamescom 2016


Those that are to descend on Cologne’s Koelnmesse for Gamescom 2016 this week can look forward to a Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal distribution event.

Cards will be handed out that have serial codes for each Legendary Pokémon, that can be redeemed in Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby, and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, as long as you haven’t received them through previous events that have run.

Shiny Xerneas will be Level 100 with the Fairy Aura ability and the moves Geomancy, Moonblast, Aromatherapy and Focus Blast. Whereas Shiny Yveltal will be Level 100 with the Dark Aura ability and the moves Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, and Foul Play.

Gamescom 2016 takes place at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany between Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st August 2016.

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