Shiny Silvally Event Distribution Hits GAME Stores Across The United Kingdom


The Pokémon Company has announced that a Shiny Silvally event distribution will take place at GAME stores across the United Kingdom.

Helping to celebrate the launch of the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion, in which it will appear, those with Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Mooncan head to their local store between Friday 3rd – Thursday 16th November 2017 to receive a special code for a battle-ready Shiny Silvally for free.

The Shiny Silvally will have the ability RKS System, that causes the Pokémon to change type when holding specific type-related items. It will also have the exclusive move Multi-Attack, which changes type depending on the memory disc that it is holding.

How To Get Shiny Silvally In Pokémon Sun And Pokémon Moon

  1. Make sure your Nintendo 3DS system is connected to the internet.
  2. Open your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game.
  3. Select “Mystery Gift” on the main menu.
  4. Select “Receive Gift”.
  5. Select “Get with Code/Password”, then “Yes” then “Yes” again to connect to the internet.
  6. Enter your code.
  7. Watch as you receive Shiny Silvally.
  8. Speak to the delivery person in any Pokémon Center to receive your Shiny Silvally.
  9. Be sure to save your game.
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