Shiny Pokémon Evidence Uncovered In Pokémon GO Data Mine

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Pokémon GO received a minor software update at the weekend, which saw Niantic’s augmented reality app arrive at version 0.47.1.

The Silph Road has been hard at work data mining the update to hunt for any secrets, uncovering coding that seemingly suggests that Shiny Pokémon may soon appear in the game.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, as we’re working with crumbs, travelers. But for the first time, the phrases SHINY and RARE have appeared in the APK,” the website explains.

“There is a new audio file that plays when a wild Pokemon is captured that is deemed RARE by the game (it’s a little more enthusiastic than the normal ‘you did it’ music after a capture).

“Finally, there is a decent amount of new code segregating Pokemons’ materials into ‘default’ and ‘shiny’ materials. Materials, for those unfamiliar with game development, are specifications for how surfaces appear, reflect light, are colored/tinted, etc.

“If it’s true that a SHINY material has been introduced, it is possible that tinted versions of Pokemon may begin appearing.”

The evidence may allow us to speculate about their arrival, but The Silph Road adds that there are no new Pokémon sprites that can be seen in the Pokédex, Sightings and Nearby tracker, or anywhere else in the game.

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