Shining Resonance Refrain Jumps Into Battle On July 10th

Lestin Shining Resonance Refrain Screenshot

SEGA has announced when Shining Resonance Refrain will release on Nintendo Switch, sharing a new trailer that introduces the playable heroes in the upcoming role-playing game.

When Alfheim falls under siege from the Empire of Lombardia, it’s up to Yuma Ilvern, the boy with the soul of the Shining Dragon, and his new companions to fight back.

The playable heroes introduced in the new Shining Resonance Refrain trailer, in order, include:

Kirika Towa Alma
A “Diva Magica” who has inherited the Rune Songs: songs created to commune with dragons. She has some control over the forces of nature, and she can also sense nearby dragons. Due to her upbringing as a Diva Magica, she is a little bit naïve. She isn’t very good at communicating with people, and she may seem difficult to get close to, but deep down she has a kind heart.

Sonia Blanche
The leader of the party, and crown princess of Astoria. Despite her royal status, she fights on the front lines, leading her people against the Empire. Her swordsmanship is exceptional, and her quick thinking and swift swordplay have earned her the title of “Astoria’s Lightning Princess.”

Agnum Bulletheart
Wielder of the Armonic Iglute, the Dragon Flame Staff. He is a passionate Dragoneer who controls explosive fire. He is a musical mage who seizes any chance to take center stage on the battlefield. He’s a seasoned world traveler, and despite his flashy appearance, he can be quite down-to-earth.

Lestin Sera Alma
Captain of the knights of the elven kingdom, Wellant. He is Kirika’s older brother, and a Dragoneer who fights on the front lines with his nation’s army. He seems intent on judging whether Yuma is a threat to the world. By his own words, he will not hesitate to kill Yuma if he has to.

Rinna Mayfield
An elven mage hailing from the kingdom of Wellant, wielding one of the legendary Armonics: Trumrod, the Dragon Tail Cudgel. She has a sunny personality, and tends to be the playful heart of the party. With a relaxed and affable personality, she may seem a bit ditzy, but in truth she is a cunning prankster. She goes at her own pace, but can be very courageous in tense situations.

Yuma Ilvern
The young man who possesses the soul of the legendary Shining Dragon within him. With the immense power of the dragon sealed away, he lived a quiet life. However, the Empire found out about Yuma’s power and captured him. He is rescued by Dragoneers, warriors who wield the power of the dragon, and under the protection of the Kingdom of Astoria, Yuma decides to lend his strength to defeat the Empire.

Those that pre-order the game will receive the Shining Resonance Refrain: Draconic Launch Edition, that will see the game safely protected in a collectible metal slipcase adorned with character artwork of Excella, Sonia, and Kirika.

Shining Resonance Refrain will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on July 10th, priced at $49.99.

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