Shigeru Miyamoto Reflects On Satoru Iwata’s Enduring Legacy

shigeru miyamoto satoru iwata e3 2012 photo

The gaming community collectively mourned when late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passed away, a reaction that the company had been humbled by. But, it was those closest to him that the news must have had the greatest impact on.

At the time, creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoto had expressed that he was “overcome with sadness” at the news, and now, in an interview about Super Mario Run, he was asked what advice he received from Iwata that he cherished most in his work today.

“He had this unique ability to rally people around a vision,” Miyamoto recalls. “Similarly, to then put them into a structure that could make that vision a reality. I always remember his ability to take something, give it shape and then to motivate people. That always impressed me about him.

“He was a technologist – a programmer originally. And typically, you go to a programmer and tell them what you, as a designer, want to do. They then tell you all the reasons why they can’t do what you want. Mr Iwata was different. Instead, he would say he was going to figure out how to make it work. He’d always be positive, always try to make the impossible happen. I still remember that to this day.”

When reading Iwata’s eulogy, technology fellow Genyo Takeda poetically shared that the seeds that Iwata had planted would one day sprout into flowers that would bring smiles to the faces of people around the world.

The grandest of those will be Nintendo Switch, which we will soon learn more about what Nintendo has been hard at work on in early January.

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