Shigeru Miyamoto leads Nintendo @ E3 Mii Parade distribution


Nintendo’s developers have slipped on shiny gold pants, with Shigeru Miyamoto leading a Nintendo @ E3 Mii Parade distribution this week.

This runs until Saturday 20th June, and will see a series of Mii developers visit your StreetPass Mii Plaza. The only requirement is that you have the SpotPass feature enabled, and either turn on your system or leave it in Sleep Mode this week.

Nintendo won’t guarantee special Mii delivery as it’s dependent on local wireless connectivity, although I can’t see there being any problem as long as SpotPass is activated.

Sadly, this is only available to systems in the United States and Canada. I’m not sure why Europe, and perhaps even Japan, are dismissed with these distributions, especially when they surround an event that attracts a global audience.

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